Innovating Open Mouth Feed Bagging with the 1800 RBH Robotic Bag Placer


Producers of Feed and Feed Additives face many challenges in the open mouth bagging of their product.   Different formulations, brands and small run sizes drive the need for several bag sizes and sometimes require different bag materials.   

They may also encounter excessive downtime during product formula and bag change over.  In today’s job market, it can also be a challenge to find consistent, dedicated workers to stand by the machine to reform the bag tops after filling and guide them into the bag sealing machine. 

With the launch of nVenia’s HAMER Brand 1800 RBH Robotic Bag Hanger, our team continues its focus on providing simple, efficient equipment for industrial bagging customers.  This open mouth bagging machine offers a simple, reliable solution that brings consistency to your production plant.   Aimed at keeping your line up and running, the 1800 RBH features a bag magazine that holds up to 250 bags at a time before having to re-load them.  Change over between paper and poly-woven laminate bags requires no downtime.  When switching between bag sizes and product weights, the change in dosing on an integrated 600NW+ Net Weigh Scale requires just a few quick adjustments on the control panel. 

Yaskawa MH-12, 6-axis robotic arm handles the transfer of bags from the fill spout to the conveyor that leads to the bag sealer. This robot eliminates the need to have an operator feeding the bags into the sealing machine.  This operator can be freed up to do other production tasks.  It also potentially eliminates an operator’s direct exposure to dusts and powders. 

The 1800 RBH provides great consistency and reliability with its unique next generation design featuring electronic actions for bag pick, bag placement and bag hanging.  It eliminates the inconsistencies and issues that might arise with the air lines, valves and air cylinders that other bag hangers depend on.   It also minimizes the number of wear parts and maintenance issues seen with other machine designs.   The 1800 RBH is easy to maintain, simple to control and keeps you up and running in your production facility.