nVenia’s HAMER Brand Launches New Robotic Valve Bag Placer


nVenia, designers and manufacturers of highly engineered packaging equipment, and a member of the Duravant family of operating companies, recently launched their new HAMER Brand robotic valve bag placer solution during Pack Expo Connects. 

The placement of valve bags onto valve bag filler spouts is a highly repetitive, labor-intensive task. In many cases, it must be performed in very challenging, dusty environments. The 2400 VBP Robotic Valve Bag Placer safely automates this placement onto most valve bag filler machines on the market today and can be easily integrated into existing production lines. 

The 2400 VBP utilizes up to two six-axis Yaskawa inverted robots to place individual bags on to industry standard filler spouts at speeds up to 18-20 bags per minute. A high capacity, LiveLoad bag carousel capable of storing up to 400 bags virtually eliminates downtime due to bag changeover by allowing the operator to load various bag sizes at once. This unique design features dual magazines which allow bags to be safely loaded from one side of a secure cage, while the robot continues to place bags onto filler spouts on the other side. 

Ed Pickens, Director of Engineering and Product Development, said, “We’re committed to our customers’ success, and to offering innovative packaging solutions to help increase throughput, reduce operating costs, and enable safer work environments.” 

Brian Bunkenburg, Senior Product Manager, said, “One aspect of the 2400 that is truly unique to our design is the LiveLoad bag carousel. It keeps our customers up and running because they don’t have to stop production to load bags, or to make mechanical adjustments for bag changes. They simply load the different bag size on the carousel at any point, and it just keeps going.” 

“That’s how you get the highest production throughput,” Bunkenburg added. “Consistency. And that’s why our customers are setting records for highest daily bagging rates.”