Robotic Bag Handling: A Model of Efficiency for Open Mouth Bagging


For companies managing open-mouth bagging processes, allowing changeover between paper and poly-woven laminate bags without downtime is but one productivity-enhancing feature of our next-generation robotic bag handling equipment.

The nVenia HAMER Brand Model 1800RBH incorporates numerous design advantages that have our customers’ bottom lines in mind.

The system includes a bag magazine that holds 250 bags, so refilling isn’t a constant task. When switching bag sizes and product weights, the change in dosing on an integrated 600NW+ Net Weigh Scale requires just a few quick adjustments on the control panel.

A Yaskawa MH-12 six-axis end-of-arm tool transfers bags from the fill spout to the conveyor leading to the bag sealer. This eliminates the need for an operator to feed bags into the sealing machine, freeing the operator up to do other tasks. This feature additionally eliminates an operator’s exposure to dust and powders.

The 1800RBH provides consistency and reliability because of its electronic bag pick, placement and hanging. Eliminated are the inconsistencies and issues that can arise with air lines, valves and cylinders that other bag handles utilize. The number of wear parts and maintenance issues of other machine designs are also minimized.

Talk to our team about how the 1800 open mouth bagging system can revolutionize your processes.