Hamer Brand Model 490 Form Fill and Seal (FFS) Packaged Ice Machine

The Hamer Brand 490 Form, Fill and Seal machine for the packaged ice industry is designed and manufactured to meet the demands of today’s automated ice production facilities. The Hamer Brand490 improves machine reliability, bag top seal integrity, speed, and cleanliness standards for packaged ice producers. It reduces operator training and machine maintenance, meeting our goal of true standalone bagging automation. It is an entirely new concept in packaged ice bagging automation.

Using proven side weld technology, the machine forms a bag from LLDP film, opens the bag for filling, then seals and trims the bag top in one smooth action.  The new servo driven top sealer delivers consistently strong, repeatable seals – bag after bag after bag – all while operating in the challenging environments required to perform in ice packaging facilities.  This Impulse sealer heats and cools in microseconds, forming a secure bag top seal without residual heat.  

The Hamer Brand 490 comes complete with an all-new, patented vertical discharge, 304 stainless steel volumetric feeder with a food grade UHMW hopper.  The volumetric filler adjusts fill size with the touch of a button, empties cleanly, runs faster and improves the accuracy of bag fill. 

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  • Handheld remote control w/15′ cord
  • Downstream software interlock
  • Safety interlocks on all access doors
  • Impulse bag top heat seal
  • Bag top trim and rewind
  • Heat treated, plated pulleys for long life
  • Pneumatic film core chuck for film level maintenance
  • SEW Motors for longer duty cycles
  • Patented vertical volumetric filler with food grade UHMW product hopper
  • 304 Stainless Steel frame and doors
  • 304 SS, NEMA 4X 24VDC Panel w/solid state relays

Standard Specs

Bag Dimensions

Width:  10.75″ to 16″

Length: 12″ to 32″

Weight: 3.5 lb (1.6 kg) to 20 lb (9.1 kg)

Thickness: 1.75 mil to 4 mil

Machine Dimensions

Length 136″ (345 cm)

Width 54″ (137 cm)

Height 85″ (216 cm)


  • 50 bags per minute on 5,7,10 lb /2.3-4.5 kg bags
  • 22-30 bags per minute on 20-24 lb/9-10.8 kg bags

Electrical Requirements

230V, 3PH, 50/60 Hz

Air Requirements

32 CFM @ 80 PSI – Clean, dry air (Air consumption increases with some options)



  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC with touchscreen interface
  • Header handle assembly
  • Gusset Former
  • Embossing Coder Kit 4 or 8 character
  • Ink jet printer
  • Portable 35″ roll holder
  • Core lift chuck for 35″ rolls
  • Extended bag hole perforator
  • Hole punch
  • 90 degree turner
  • 50 Hz motors
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) – 50 Hz
  • 460V, 3 PH, NEMA 4X transformer with 304 stainless steel enclosure
  • Robotic palletizer kit
  • Spare seal/cut silicone (5 or 10 set packs)