Fischbein Brand Equipment

Fischbein brand equipment has been known in the industry for over 100 years as the trusted brand for quality open-mouth bag closing and sealing systems. Fischbein equipment will save you time and money by automating your current manual processes or integrating with your semi- or fully-automatic processes.

Bag Sewing

Fischbein brand equipment consists of a full range of innovative bag sewing equipment, from our line of hand-held portables to our high-speed bag sewing systems. Whether your application calls for plain sew or sew through tape or uses multi-wall paper bags or woven polypropylene, nett or jute bags, we have an engineered solution that will meet your needs.

Bag Sealing

Fischbein brand bag sealing solutions include hot melt adhesive closures for paper and plastic bags and pouches. Our sealers are widely used in the food, medical, chemical, mineral, fertilizer and pet food sectors, as they are known for their durability, compact design and innovative features.