Arpac Brand 65TW Model Tray Wrapper

Our Arpac Brand 65TW Model is a continuous motion bundler capable of wrapping up to 65 trays per minute, depending upon product size.

This system will wrap nearly any unitized or tray-packed product, including random or batch pack sizes. It is ideal for wrapping a wide range of trayed boxes, cans and bottles in either a single-tier or stacked arrangement, such as:

  • Cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Jars
  • Glass bottles
  • Floor tiles
  • Plates
  • Cartons

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  • Heavy-duty rugged construction designed for high durability and around-the-clock operation
  • Laser cut and CNC machined components for maximum precision
  • Powder coat finish that provides a durable scratch resistant surface and prevents corrosion
  • Compact, single frame design (wrapper with integrated tunnel)
  • Allen-Bradley® PanelView 600Plus operator interface with color touchscreen, message display and self-diagnostics
  • Digital controls ensure fast and accurate setup of conveyor speeds, timing, and temperature settings when changing product size and film
  • Bypass mode allows product to pass through the machine without being wrapped and without heating the tunnel
  • Low film alert warns that a film changeover will soon be necessary
  • Durable Intralox conveyor belts eliminate tracking problems
  • Seal frame opening for 10″ product
  • Dual stage belt infeed conveyor
  • 20″ diameter inline film racks for easy film loading
  • Simple film threading procedure
  • 93″ dual zone shrink tunnel
  • 3-way cooling feature at the tunnel exit for immediate product handling
  • NEMA 12 electrical cabinet and controls
  • Central point lubrication simplifies preventive maintenance


  • Casters for machine portability
  • Continuous film feed for smooth unwinding of film
  • Side mounted film roll racks for 20″ diameter film rolls  (includes continuous film feed)
  • Auxiliary E-Stops

Standard Specs


Up to 65 trays per minute depending on application

Electrical Power Requirements

460VAC, 3Ph, 60Hz, 65A

Compressed Air Requirements

80 psi, 40 SCFM

Product Range

Minimum: 6″ W x 6″ L x 2″ H
Maximum: 18″ W x 16″ L x 10″ H

Film Roll Diameter

20” with 3” core

Film Gauge

4 mil. max

Film Type

Low density polyethylene (L.D.P.E.)

Other Film Specifications

Clear or randomly printed