Care Tip – Air Filter Maintenance for Your 1200 BH Bag Hanger


Regular service and maintenance optimizes your robotic bag hanger’s performance. Something as simple as air filter maintenance can help prevent unwanted downtime and lost production hours. These simple steps can help maximize uptime and extend the life of your bagging equipment.

All nVenia HAMER Brand 1200 BH bag hangers are equipped with an air filter and pressure regulator. The recommended minimum supply is 80 PSIG (pounds per square in gauge). The gauge pressure should not fluctuate more than 10 PSIG during operation. Greater fluctuations are an indicator of insufficient air flow. Periodic inspections of the water trap and filter are necessary for prolonged life of pneumatic valves and cylinders.

Air Filter Maintenance - Visual Inspection

Visually inspect the air filter and pressure regulator for any water, dirt, or debris that may be present. If water, dirt, or debris is found, it should be removed and cleaned with a mild detergent solution.

Air Filter Maintenance

To Remove Water

If water is present in the air filter trap bowl, it should be drained via the drain valve located on the bottom of the trap bowl. With the air inlet pressurized, slowly turn the valve counter-clockwise until the water drains and the bowl is empty. Once emptied, close down the valve by turning it clockwise until it is sealed and no air is leaking from the valve.

To Remove Dirt and Debris

The air supply MUST BE TURNED OFF prior to cleaning. Once the air supply is turned off, remove the bowl by pushing upward while turning the bowl counter clockwise, then pull down to remove the bowl. Clean the bowl with a soft cloth. Remove the filter retainer by turning it counter clockwise. Clean in a mild detergent solution. Blow dry with clean and compressed air

The value of preventive maintenance lies in being able to plan downtime and necessary materials, rather than being caught off guard when a component fails.

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