Shrink Bundling

Shrink Bundling Equipment

nVenia supports brand-building product presentation with our industry-leading ARPAC Brand bundling equipment. Are you looking to wrap multiple products in trays, rolls, bags or cases? We have deep experience developing solutions for paper, mailers, toys, cosmetics, hardware, multipacks, software, spray cans and more.

Our high-speed horizontal form fill & seal machinery (with L-Bar, side seal and bottom overlap options) sets the standard for shrink bundler engineering. ARPAC bundlers can bundle products of many sizes — even at the same time. Our equipment is configured for single or dual lane, to run at low or high speed, and using fully and semi-automatic controls

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ARPAC Brand WD Series Bundler

ARPAC Brand BPTW Bundling Sports Drinks

ARPAC Brand 25TW Bundling Sauerkraut