Arpac Brand BPTS Model Shrink Bundling Multipacker

Our Arpac Brand BPTS Model is a continuous motion, inline, combination shrink wrapping machine designed to serve a wide range of industries.  At speeds up to 60 bundles or 45 trays/pads per minute, this rugged system helps minimize labor requirements and increases production output. By combining product accumulation, tray/pad forming, loading and film overwrapping into a single compact system, the BPTS is well suited to handle a wide range of product configurations and applications including: plastic bottles, cans, boxes, folding cartons, bags and glass jars. Additionally, the BPTS system offers built-in flexibility for quick changeover between running unsupported product and product on a pad or tray.

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  • Printed film registration for accurate placement of printed graphics
  • Heavy-duty frame construction with welded joints for high at finish that provides a durable scratch resistant surface and prevents corrosion
  • Gentle product handling for tall bottles and other unstable products
  • Servo driven film feed can adapt to a wide range of film lengths
  • Inline film rack and film splicing bar for quick and easy film changeover
  • Pass through mode can be activated when wrapper is not operating, eliminating need for bypass conveyor


  • Variety of infeed and product accumulation designs available
  • Machine mounted jib crane to facilitate film loading
  • Side product transfer to infeed for crowd feeding of product
  • Lane divider for positive control of lane filling
  • Dual lane configuration for higher speeds

Product Range

Shrink wrapped trays, pads or film only; single lane:

  • Tray wall height range: 1-1/2” to 2-1/2″

Standard Specs


Up to 60 bundles or 45 trays per minute depending upon product specifications

Electrical Power Requirements

460VAC, 3Ph, 60Hz

Compressed Air Requirements

80psi, 30 CFM at 45 cycles/min

Width (across machine)

9” – 18”

Length (flow direction)

6” – 12”

Height Range

3” – 12”

Corrugate Requirements

  • B flute Kraft corrugation
  • Burst strength: 150 or 200 lb per square inch
  • Balanced outside and inside liners to avert warped blanks
  • Minimum combined weight facings: 98 lb per square inch

Film Roll Diameter

Up to 20″ with a 3″ core

30″ max width

Film Gauge

1.25 mil to 2.0 mil

Film Type

Low density polyethylene

Other Film Specifications

Clear or print registered

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