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FISCHBEIN Brand - Core Industries and Sealer Needs

For more than 100 years, nVenia’s FISCHBEIN Brand has been providing consistent, quality bag closures for customers around the world. In that time, we really have seen and sealed it all. Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise, and let us help identify the perfect sealer for your application and your bags.

Animal Feed
Feed & Feed Additives

Resins, Polymers & Plastics

Powdered Dairy
Milk Specialties & Whey

Nitrogen & Soil Nutrients

Packaged Ice


Medical Devices
Medical Devices and Components

Pet Food
Food and Specialty Treats

Agricultural & Turf

Spice Blends & Mixes

Contract Packaging and Bagging

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Paper Bag Sealers

Paper bags are favored by a number of industries, including animal feed, pet food, seeds, and even food ingredients like spices and powdered dairy products.

See some of our video content showing our experience sealing paper bags.

Plastic Bag Sealers

Plastic or poly bags are most commonly found in industries such as foods, lawn and garden, chemicals, resins, fertilizers, and other applications where an additional paper layer is not needed.

See some of our video content showing our experience sealing plastic bags.