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Animal Feed Equipment

Whether your focus is on livestock feed, wild bird feed, horse feed, or feed additives, nVenia’s HAMER Brand has an animal feed bagging machine specifically designed for your animal feed business. All of our feed product packaging equipment offers unique advantages over other suppliers. Two of the most important are dosing accuracy and speed. As feed ingredient costs rise, reducing product give-away is critical to product line profitability.

Our innovation in gross weigh and net weigh scaling systems provide the most accurate dose available. Automated bag placing for open mouth paper, poly and poly weaved bags, and form, fill and seal equipment reduce packaging line labor while improving plant productivity. Whether you are running a high-speed bird food line or a small batch livestock bagging line, our equipment experts are here to assist you in maximizing your profits.

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Animal Feed Automated Bagging System

Full Feed Plant Automation - Bagging and Palletizing

HAMER Brand 1800 Robotic Bag Hanger