Snacks and Candy Packaging Equipment

Deep Snack Food and Candy Experience

Snacks and candy often present a number of unique packaging challenges, but nVenia’s OHLSON Brand of primary packaging equipment has you covered. Snacks might be light and fragile, meaning you need an extremely accurate scale and snack packing machine that won’t crush or mangle your product as it is being packaged.

nVenia’s vertical form fill and seal equipment will package your product in attractive pillow pack bags, and after being filled, we can use a gas flush to insert inert gasses to fill the bag and ensure freshness. Your snack product can also be packaged in cups, trays, pre-made pouches or other containers using our candy packaging machines.

ARPAC Brand secondary and end-of-line snack food packaging solutions also ensure your products arrive safely and securely, with industrial shrink wrapping, case packing, and additional automation available.

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