Arpac Brand Equipment

Arpac brand equipment is the end-of-line packaging machinery of choice for end-users needing the highest-quality equipment that dramatically reduces secondary packaging costs and increases efficiency.

Integrated Packaging Solutions

nVenia is proud to offer custom engineering packaging system integration featuring Arpac brand equipment. Integration projects can range from a few strategically matched machines to complex systems incorporating equipment from multiple OEM sources.

Automatic Palletizers

Whether you are looking for a conventional palletizer or integrated robotic palletizing systems, Arpac brand equipment options are engineered for durability and reliability. They come fully warrantied and are supported by SupportPro, our experienced, worldwide network of field service technicians.

Shrink Bundling/Multipacking

Arpac brand shrink bundling and multipacking equipment includes a variety of shrink bundlers with clear or print registered film. Shrink bundling protects products from environmental conditions and improves marketability.

Industrial Shrink Wrapping Equipment

The Arpac brand shrink wrapping line offers best-in-class performance and reliability. With innovative patented technology such as the ZeroEDGE side seal, this line leads the market for those looking for a versatile and adaptive solution for multiple applications.

Case Packing Equipment

Standard and customized wraparound case/tray packers minimize labor requirements and increase production output. Arpac brand fully automatic case formers are capable of forming and sealing a large variety of styles and sizes of corrugated trays, cases and boxes.

Pallet Wrapping Equipment

We offer one of the most complete lines of stretch wrapping systems in the industry, including stretch platform, rotary tower and orbital stretch wrappers.

Shrink Tunnels

Arpac brand shrink tunnels produce consistent uniform film shrink using heavy-duty, variable speed blowers and heating elements.

High-Speed Food Slicer

The 1085SS Slicer is ideal for slicing a wide variety of foods, including meats, cheeses, frozen foods and more. This slicer is a completely sanitary solution that also provides ease of use, low maintenance and high output.