Pre-Made Pouching

Pre-Made Pouch Filling Equipment

Flexible packaging has gained significant market share on supermarket shelves during the past several years, with juice, sauces, and other products shifting away from rigid containers.

A major part of that shift is the popularity of pre-made, stand-up pouches, which provide food manufacturers a tremendously marketing-friendly format which sticks out on store shelves and helps generate sales. And even if pre-made bags aren’t designed to stand up – they definitely stand out.

The other crucial benefit of pre-made pouches is the flexibility they provide food manufacturers – particularly as they grow from smaller brands, and may be using a semi-automatic solution tied into a multi-head weigher or other filling machine. The ability to fill a variety of different sized pouches with easy changeover in any given day provides a great deal of flexibility to adjust production on the fly when needed.

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OHLSON Automated Pre-Made Pouch Filling System