Ohlson Brand Pre-Made Pouch Bagging Machine

Pre-made pouch machines have continued to become more and more popular given consumers continued focus on individually packaged servings.

Our new Ohlson Brand Rotary Pouch Bagging Machine has been completely redesigned yielding a more robust and faster machine in order to maximize production output for product being filled in pre-made bags and stand-up pouches.

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Note: All features may not be available for all models

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Centralized Adjustments For Gripper Width
  • User Friendly Color Touch Pad
  • Bag Magazine
  • Bag Opening Blade With Full Opening Detector
  • Bag Deflator
  • Discharge Conveyor
  • Auto-bag sizing option

Standard Specs


  • Pouch Width: 4.3”-9.8”
  • Pouch Length: 5.9”-13.7”
  • Max Weight: 5 lbs
  • Max Speed: Up to 75 Pouches/Minute
  • Power Req: 15A 220VAC Three Phase @ 60HZ
  • Air Req: 18CFM @ 85PSI
  • Dimensions: 114.8″ X 80.9″ X 66.4″


Note: All accessories may not be available for all models

  • Dust collector unit
  • Date code printer (Bag samples and desired printing locations must be approved)
  • Product Settler
  • Gas injection
  • Zipper opener assist option
  • Product deflator chute
  • Locking casters
  • Timing gate to improve speed
  • Liquid pump/valve for liquids and oils (to be deposited into bag)