Industrial or CPG Packaging Equipment for Powders

nVenia’s HAMER Brand Automatic Bagging System delivers highly accurate dosing of free-flowing powdered products for applications ranging from milk powders to spices to minerals and chemicals.

Bag filling and sealing of fine powders and dusty products present numerous challenges. Unless the process is controlled carefully, unnecessary loss of product and risk can result. Product that escapes during the filling and sealing process leads to material losses and additional costs due to downtime for cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, depending on the type of product, that powder (or dust) may become airborne and present an explosion or ignition risk.

Our equipment is designed to tolerate milk powders, spices, flour, calf milk, fine minerals, breading, bakery mixes, whey proteins, animal feed additives, sugars, milled products, agricultural powders, food coatings, ingredients, and chemicals.

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HAMER Brand Powder Bagging Automation