Hamer Brand Basic Robotic Bag Palletizer

The Hamer Brand Basic – Entry Level – Robotic Palletizer features a current generation 5 axis robotic arm. The Basic Model makes semi-automatic or fully automatic palletizing even more affordable for lower production demand applications. 

These systems are available in semi-automatic or fully automatic configurations.  A semi-automatic configuration describes an operation where bags are fed to the palletizing robot and placed on a stacking station with floor positioned empty pallets. Full pallets are then picked up by fork trucks or pallet jacks for wrapping prior to shipment. A fully automatic configuration features a pallet dispenser, slip sheet dispenser, and automatic full pallet conveyors.  This system feeds empty pallets to stacking stations where a robotic arm stacks bags onto the pallet. Once a pallet is completed, it is transported via automatic powered conveyors to an integrated pallet wrapping machine or hooding equipment.

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A wide variety of configurations and system designs are available. An RPM Palletizer System typically includes:

  • Semi-automatic configuration with 1 or 2 pallet stack
  • Fully automatic configuration with power conveyors
  • MPL 100 II, 5 axis, 100KG robotic arm
  • DX200 Robot Controller
  • Robot mounting base plate/riser
  • 28” robot riser
  • EasyPic operator software pallet configuration
  • MaxPic pallet configuration
  • Industrial design End Of Arm Tooling
  • ANSI/RIA safety protocols


A wide variety of configurations and system designs are available, including a Palletizer Preventative Maintenance service program.

  • EasyPic™ Operator HMI
  • Servo chiller for high temperature installations
  • Industrial End of Arm Tool options
  • Multiple pick points
  • Multiple stack points
  • Light curtains for continuous operation

Bag Types

For more information on the variety of bags and products we can handle, please contact your Hamer sales representative.

Standard Specs


16-18 bags per minute

Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR) Speeds: 60 FPM

Electrical Requirements

460VAC, 3 Ph, 60 Hz

Air Requirements

2-10 CFM @ 80 PSI (design dependent)

Max Bag Weight

60 lbs

End of Arm Tooling

55 lbs (25 kg)

Pallet Type

Standard 48″ x 40″

Pass Height

Automated systems use a standard 18” CDLR Top of Roller pass height