Hamer Brand Model 4200 Knock Down/Turning Bag Conveyor

Our Hamer Model 4200 Knock down/Turning Bag Conveyor is used to turn and position bags for “butts forward” orientation for manual or automated bag palletizing. Available in 36″ or 42″ widths, it effectively turns and positions bags for easy palletizing. Using a reliable turning wheel and high slip belt ensures bags are consistently turned. Adjustable knockdown bar has UHMW paddle, positioned at the conveyor entrance where the bag is pushed over. 

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  • 120# high slip belt
  • 10 gauge steel conveyor frame
  • 3/4 HP, TEFC motor
  • Stainless steel bag guides
  • Steel turning wheel
  • UHMW paddle and knock down bar
  • Bag guides
  • Easy adjustment wheel and bag guides

Standard Specs

Length and Width

Standard lengths of 6′ and 8′ for 36″ width, 8′ for 42″ width

Standard widths of 36″ and 42″


Up to 100 FPM

Power Requirements

230/460 VAC, 4 A, 3 Ph, 60 Hz

Air Requirements

None required



  • Manual height adjustment – single side
  • Manual height adjustment  – dual sided
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD)
  • 575/380V power
  • Bag tracking photo-eye
  • Motor starter, on/off control for manual lines

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