Ohlson Brand Equipment

Ohlson brand equipment is a rugged solution for automating your weighing and counting operations. We design and manufacture a full range of automatic and semi-automatic net weighing and counting machines, including specialized custom applications, for food products, bakery items, pet foods, gummies and nutraceuticals and more. Ohlson brand equipment will reduce your labor time and product giveaway rates, while decreasing the square footage required for packaging solutions on your production floor.

Weighing, Counting & Filling

Ohlson brand high-speed weighing, counting, and filling solutions provide important business benefits that boost your bottom line and deliver rapid return on your investment.

Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Bagging

Ohlson brand bagging systems are available in vertical form fill seal machines and rotary pouch machines.

Pre-Made Pouching

We offer a variety of Pre-Made Pouch Filling Machines to fit a variety of bag types and styles.

Cups, Trays & Clamshells

We offer a variety of machines that fill cups, trays and clamshell containers for multiple industries and applications.

Bottles & Jars

We offer a variety of machines that fill bottles and jars for multiple industries and applications.

Conveyors & Material Handling

Ohlson brand conveyors and material handling options can be customized to your packaging equipment system to deliver product on time, every time.

Product Inspection

We provide a full suite of product inspection services, including check weighing, metal detecting, and X-Ray.

Automated Systems

Ohlson brand automated systems can help you overcome any challenge you have with your packaging needs – whether that’s low ceiling heights, unique product handling needs or other issues.