Automatic Weighing & Filling Equipment

Weighing and Filling Equipment

nVenia delivers product portioning accuracy with weighing and filling machinery designed for a wide range of package types in a variety of industries.

Our OHLSON Brand of weighing and filling equipment is among the most accurate food-grade equipment available. Our solutions are perfect for high-accuracy and high-speed applications, and are easy to operate, clean and maintain. Perfect for food, snacks, pet food, nutraceuticals, hardware, detergent pods and more.

Our HAMER Brand of filling equipment has set the standard in the industrial markets for over 30 years. Our filling systems feature next-generation technology for bagging scales and filling applications. Easily and efficiently manage the filling of free-flowing granular products like seed, feed, grains, dry sand, salt and more – either semi-automatically or integrated into a full automated system.

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OHLSON Brand Multi-Head Weighers Overview

HAMER Brand Weighing System for Hand Bagging Seeds