Hamer Brand Model 100GW Gross Weigh Bagging Scale

Our Hamer Model 100GW Gross Weigh Bagging Scale introduces next-generation technology to gross weigh bagging and filling. This bagging scale is used for semi-automatic filling of free-flowing granular products such as seed, feed, grains, dry sand, salt and others. A unique bag in place window allows operators to visually confirm bag is properly placed before filling. The Model 100GW has a compact design fits easily into most production applications. The unique dual load cell design eliminates inaccuracies inherent in single load cell scales. This particular gross weigh scale is fast, accurate, and easy to use.

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  • Dual load cell design improves accuracy
  • Accuracy +/- 1.0 oz (product dependent)
  • Rice Lake 720i digital weight indicator
  • Large format, bold backlit digital indicator display
  • Durable all steel construction (304 SS Optional)
  • 4″ dust port (Clamshell Bag Clamp)
  • Bulk or bulk/dribble filling
  • Unit display in lb or kg
  • Automatic bag present
  • Bag clamp/start switch

Standard Specs


Clamshell Bag Clamp:

     Length: 21.75″ (55.25 cm)

     Width: 21.20″ (53.85 cm)

     Height: 30.25″ (76.84 cm)

Center Grip Bag Clamp:

     Length: 25.72″ (65.33 cm)

     Width: 20.95″ (53.21 cm)

     Height: 35 in (88.90 cm)

Bag Dimensions

  • Minimum bag width 12.5″ (Clamshell Bag Clamp)
  • Minimum bag width 8″ (Center Grip Bag Clamp)


Up to 16 BPM

Product Weight Range

10 lb to 100 lb (5 kg to 50 kg)

Electrical Requirements:

120VAC, 1 PH, 60 Hz, 5A

Air Requirements

2 CFM @ 80 PSI



  • Powder coated steel stand with 5 cu ft hopper
  • Frame/caster set for use with 5 cu ft hopper
  • Powder coated steel stand with 35 cu ft hopper – mild steel
  • Power coated steel stand with 304 stainless steel 35 cu ft hopper
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • NEMA 4X stainless steel control enclosure
  • Recommended spare parts kit – Export
  • TE 100 Adaptor – 2″ high insert matching TE 100 bolt hole pattern
  • Portable frame/caster assembly with 5 cu ft hopper

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