Packaging for Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment

Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment

For more than 40 years, nVenia’s ARPAC and OHLSON Brands have manufactured pharmaceutical packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and medical industries.

When it comes to primary packaging, nVenia’s OHLSON Brand systems offer unique design features to accommodate gummy nutraceuticals and other products, such as dimpled contact surfaces to ease the flow of product. Our systems can even handle complex products such as Omega Fish Oil and other unsanded or sanded vitamins, nutraceuticals, confectionary or gummies.

Our ARPAC secondary packaging equipment is commonly used to shrink wrap multipacks of pill bottles, vials, syringe boxes, medical tubes, multi-vitamin containers and boxes of medical supplies. nVenia’s versatile packaging solutions can handle a variety of product sizes and shapes such as ovals, rounds, rectangles, tubes and vials – in plastic or glass.

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