About nVenia – Our Company

In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, innovation is the cornerstone of progress, and nVenia stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the packaging industry. Through our pioneering approaches and cutting-edge technologies, nVenia has set a new standard for efficiency, sustainability, and functionality in packaging solutions.

nVenia stands as a leader in primary, secondary, and end-of-line packaging globally. Our ARPAC, FISCHBEIN, HAMER, and OHLSON Brands offer innovative solutions designed for seamless integration, durability in tough environments, and automation of repetitive tasks. Whether in CPG or Industrial Products, nVenia’s packaging automation equipment boosts production, delivers ROI, and improves your bottom line. Regardless of your industry, nVenia delivers next-level packaging solutions.

Arpac offers a wide array of equipment, including shrink wrappers, bundlers, palletizers, and more, known for their integrated fit-for-purpose production lines. Fischbein provides trusted open-mouth bag sewing and sealing systems, ensuring secure closures with precision. Hamer is a market leader in large format bagging and powder bagging, utilized worldwide even in the harshest environments. Ohlson offers economic solutions for automating weighing and counting operations, delivering efficiency without sacrificing quality.

At nVenia, we go beyond supplying packaging machinery. We conceptualize, design, manufacture, integrate, install, and service equipment and systems for primary, secondary, and end-of-line packaging. Leveraging our diverse capabilities, we ensure seamless integration for producers, meticulously designing and harmonizing every element of the packaging line to function collectively.