Construction and Building Material Packaging Solutions

Packaging Equipment for Building Materials and Construction Supplies

Building material packaging often requires different approaches than consumer packaged goods or food products, since they are often stored outside and sometimes for extended periods of time. This means that the hardware packaging systems intended to protect those products need to designed appropriately.

nVenia manufactures a wide range of packaging machines to complement our ARPAC Brand shrink wrap machines including tray and case erectors, tray packers, case packers, pallet stretch wrappers with top sheet capability. Top sheeting your pallet offers five-sided pallet coverage for pallets that are destined for outdoor storage, such as construction sites, where access control can be challenging. Our construction shrink wrapping and shrink bundling systems are also ideal for doors, window packaging, and shingle wrapping.

For cement and other large industrial bagging applications, our HAMER brand equipment can also provide efficient palletizing, bagging or valve bag placing solutions, allowing producers to meet the ever-increasing demand for their products.

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