ARPAC Brand S Series Shrink Wrappers

Our Arpac Brand S Series models are servo driven, continuous motion shrink wrappers that excel in a wide variety of applications. The S is designed to increase productivity, reduce wear and tear on parts, and eliminate wasted time and energy. We accomplish this by using a continuous motion design with smooth, fast, and unbroken flow. With its superior design, the S is more reliable, requires less maintenance, uses less film and energy, and provides superior film tension for a better, more consistent package. The S Series is available in a traditional cross seal or a top seal orientation to accommodate a wide range of products at up to 120 packages per minute.

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  • Dual axis servo driven cross seal and seal carriage
  • Next Gen Side Seal with overload and wrap sensor technology – Top Seal optional
  • Electronic film bunching at cross seal relieves film tension between products resulting in consistently stronger seals
  • Low height film rack holds double length centerfolded rolls of film up to 16” diameter
  • Side mounted film cradle for easy film load access
  • Heavy duty welded construction
  • Powder coat finish provides a durable scratch resistant surface that prevents corrosion
  • Tool free adjustable film former
  • Powered selvage winder with dancer bar control and film break detection
  • Electronic jam protection at cross seal
  • Multi-zone seal bar for even heat distribution
  • Inclinometers at film unwind and selvage winder replaces potentiometers
  • Direct driven conveyor sections eliminates maintenance


  • Standard or custom infeeds for almost any application
  • Light stack with 3 lights & alarm
  • Low film alert to warn operator when film is low
  • No film alert with programmed machine stop
  • Servo driven conveyor sections
  • UL electrical panel certification
  • Clustered lube station manifold  for quick and easy maintenance
  • Powered product bypass
  • Single or dual roll film centerfolders
  • External film stand for flat film

Standard Specs


Up to 150 feet per minute or 120 packages per minute

Electrical Power Requirements

240/480 VAC, 3 Ph, 60 Hz

Compressed Air Requirements

No air required

Product Dimensions

S18: 18″ W x Infinite length x 8″ H

S24: 24″ W x Infinite length x 12″ H

S30: 30″ W x Infinite length x 12″ H

TS: 2″-20″W x 2″-Infinite length x 0.25″-25″ H

Film Roll Diameter


Film Gauge and Type

  •  40-90 mil polyolefin (cross seal), 30-150 mil (top seal)
  • 1-4 mil low density polyethylene
  • PVC and other film blends capable
  • Film width up to 78″ flat or 38″ centerfolded

Other Film Specifications

Up to 38″ centerfolded