Arpac Brand AL Model Shrink Wrapper

Our Arpac Brand AL model continuous motion shrink wrapper excels in a wide variety of applications. This machine is designed to increase productivity, reduce wear and tear on parts, and eliminate the waste of time and energy by using a continuous motion design with smooth, fast, and unbroken flow. With its superior design, the AL is more reliable, requires less maintenance, uses less film and energy, and provides superior film tension for a better, more consistent package. The AL series is available in both a traditional cross-seal or a top-seal orientation to accommodate a wide range of products.

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  • Pneumatic cross seal and seal carriage
  • Servo controlled NextGen Seal with overload and wrap sensor technology
  • Electronic film bunching at seal relieves film tension between products resulting in consistently stronger seals
  • Low height film rack holds double length centerfolded rolls of film up to 16” diameter
  • Powered selvage winder with dancer bar control and film break detection
  • Tool-free changeover
  • Electronic jam protection at seal
  • Inclinometers at film unwind and selvage winder replaces potentiometers
  • Direct driven conveyor sections eliminates maintenance


  • Category 3 safety circuitry and risk assessment documentation
  • Standard or custom infeeds for almost any application
  • Heavy duty caster kit
  • Powered product bypass
  • Single or dual roll film centerfolders

Product Range

  • Minimum product size: 2″ Width x 2″ Length x .25″ Height
  • Maximum product size: 30″ Width x Infinite Length x 12″ Height
  • Up to 60 packages per minute

Standard Specs


Film Speed: Up to 100 feet per minute
Package Rate: Up to 60 per minute

Electrical Power Requirements

240/480VAC, 3Ph, 60HZ, 30A

Compressed Air Requirements

4CFM @ 80PSI

Width (across machine)

2″-30″ (AL Model)

2″-12″ (TAL Model)

Length (flow direction)


Height Range


Film Type

  • 45-90 gauge polyolefin
  • 1-4 mil low density polyethylene
  • Film width up to 78″ flat or 38″ centerfolded (AL Model)

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