The BPSW model is a heavy duty system designed to operate 24/7 in tough and gritty production environments. The BPSW operates on demand, without a seal bar, to produce up to 50 shrink wrapped bundles per minute. At a fraction of the cost of other solutions, film provides a protective and aesthetic solution for your packaging needs.

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  • Servo controlled precise overwrap system
  • A unique film feed system dispenses, on demand, single sheets of film cut to size from a single print registered film roll
  • Dual side mounted film rack with splice bar and spare film roll to reduce down time
  • Integrated shrink tunnel with a triple turbo cooling unit expedites film curing and stabilizes product in the package as it cools
  • Tough polyurethane belt on acceleration and overwrap conveyors
  • Uses clear or print-registered polyethylene shrink film


  • See ARPAC for all available options


  • Film reel maximum diameter: standard 24”
  • Film reel width: 48” max
  • Film length per product: 30” to 40” (with adjustable flight bar option)
  • Film reel core diameter: 6”
  • Film thickness: 1.5 – 2.5 mil

Product Range

  • Length: 5”
  • Width: 44”
  • Height: 5”

Standard Specs


Up to 50 packages per minute

Electrical Power Requirements

480VAC, 3Ph, 60Hz

Compressed Air Requirements

80 psi, 20 CFM at 50 products per minute

Film Roll Diameter

Up to 24”

Film Thickness

1.5 mil to 2.5 mil

Film Type

Low density polyethylene

Other Film Specifications

Clear or printed, single wound

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