Hamer Brand Fully Automatic Robotic Bag Palletizer

The Hamer Brand fully automating palletizing systems utilize automatic in-feed conveyors to pace product in-feed to the pick-and-place palletizing station. The product is then stacked on empty pallets with or without slip sheets, which are automatically fed to the stacking area. Once a pallet has been completed it is ready for fork truck pickup or it is transferred to the in-line stretch wrapping/hooding equipment to automatically complete the pallet for shipment.

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A wide variety of configurations and system designs are available. A fully automated system may include:

  • Heavy-duty in-feed conveyors
  • Pallet dispensers
  • Slip sheet dispensers
  • Full pallet transfer conveyors
  • In-line stretch wrapping/hooding
  • MPL 160 robotic arm
  • EasyPic operator software
  • MaxPic pallet configurator
  • Industrial design End of Arm Tool (EOAT)
  • Safety guarding


A wide variety of configurations and system designs are available.

For a full range of options, please contact your regional sales manager.

Standard Specs

Custom designed layout for each customer. Please contact your regional sales manager for more information.



  • EasyPic™ Operator HMI
  • MaxPic™ operating system
  • NEMA 4X controls and robot protection packages for corrosive environment
  • Ethernet connectivity for remote troubleshooting
  • Wireless Ethernet connectivity for remote troubleshooting
  • 10 meter master control cable
  • Access to full line of Yaskawa/Motoman robots for custom solutions
  • Various robot risers
  • Robot corrosive environment package
  • Various power options
  • Various safety cell guarding options
  • Floor mounted wire tray
  • Additional E-stops
  • Additional pallet patterns
  • Servo chiller for high temp
  • End Of Arm Tooling:
    • Bag Clamp, single or multiple pick
    • Bag Clamp, fixed size, manually adjustable or, servo/automatically adjustable
    • Case Grip, single or multiple pick
    • Fork Style, multiple pick
    • Vacuum, single or multiple pick
  • Multi-function end of arm tooling:
    • Pallet pick/place
    • Slip-sheet pick/place
    • Auto tool change
    • Auto height sensor
  • Multiple pick points
  • Multiple stack points
  • Custom conveying for bag, case, bucket/pails conditioning, in-feed, pacing, picking, power curves, checkweighing, metal detection, accumulating
  • Corrosion resistant packages for conveyors
  • Automatic pallet dispenser
  • Automatic slip sheet dispenser
  • Pallet racks
  • Slip sheet racks
  • Mulch/soil stack box
  • CDLR full pallet conveyors
  • 90 degree full pallet transfer
  • Quad muting light curtains for continuous operation (semi automatic)
  • Integrated automatic stretch wrapper or stretch hooder
  • Automated, semi-automated or manual bagging systems