Ohlson Brand Linear Combination Weigher Machines

Our Ohlson Brand Linear Combination Weigher (also can be called Radial Scale) machine combines the technologies of both linear and combination weighers in order to provide an efficient weighing process. This system uses linear screw feeders to move otherwise non-free-flowing products, making it ideal for wet/sticky items, such as wet pet food, rice dishes, or ground meats.

This provides an option for products unable to be used in a standard linear scale or combination scale system.

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  • Self-cleaning buckets
  • All microprocessor and electronic control hardware is contained within the weigher base and remote control unit
  • Remote TFT color touch screen display
  • (100) One hundred product programs

Standard Specs

Models Available

6 and 8-lane systems


5.5 liter weigh scales with strain gauge load cell

Weighing Range

50g to 30 kg


+/- 4g (at 2000g)  *Product Dependent


  • Indexing conveyor
  • Spare set of buckets and chutes
  • Diverter gates, holding hopper and chutes for “quick release” option
  • Vibratory pivot distribution feeder
  • Spare parts kit