Integrated Packaging Systems

Arpac Brand Robotic Palletizer LT

Our Arpac Brand Robotic Palletizer LT Model is offered as a pre-engineered cell for a cost-effective and ready-made solution. Robotic palletizing offers consistent, predictable production. They improve quality, minimize rework and can operate 24/7 – while handling heavy/bulky products and preventing injuries.

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Arpac Brand H1200/1300 Model

Our H1200 and H1300 Models are fully automatic case, tray, bundle or bag palletizer systems.

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Arpac Brand Robotic Palletizer Model

Our Arpac Brand Robotic Palletizer Model is a pre-engineered robotic palletizing cell that automatically stacks and wraps pallets to exact specifications. It consists of a multi-axis robot, gripper, automatic stretch wrapper, pallet dispenser and conveyance system within a space efficient footprint. Arbot cells range from a one-line in/one-line out configuration, up to a four-line in/four-line out configuration to match your application needs.

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