Hot Air Bag Sealer Replaces Band Sealers in Side Gusset Poly


The nVenia FISCHBEIN Brand HAS 300 hot air bag sealer is the only hot air solution technology available for sealing polyethylene pillow type and side gusseted bags up to 9 mil in thickness.

Tired of replacing bands? The HAS 300 is less expensive to maintain than band sealers, which can incur high band replacement costs and downtime to replace or clean bands.

Originally designed for the chemical bagging industry, this hot air bag sealer is ideal for securely closing bags containing high value products. Popular options for the HAS 300 include a wash down, all stainless steel NEMA 4X machine, as well as a corrosion-resistant model for use with products such as salt, ice melt, or a variety of chemicals.