Bag Sealing for Milk Powders: When Product Quality Hinges on Seal Integrity


When it comes to packaging powdered dairy products, the integrity of the bag seal is vital to ensure quality, safety, and shelf life. Milk powders are extremely prone to oxidation, owing to their hygroscopicity and fat content; therefore, it’s critical that milk powders be packaged and sealed to prevent contact from moisture.

Available in mild and washdown stainless steel, our Pinch Inner Liner bag sealers are designed for the hygienic, sift-proof bag closing of specialty products like powdered milk, whey powders, whey isolate powder, and lactose powders.

Check out these models:

PILS 300 Pinch Inner Liner Sealer

PILS 330 3-in-1 Capsac Sealer

The PILS 300 pinch inner liner sealer for milk powders features a continuous sealing process that sequentially seals the bag’s inner liner and then folds and seals the top of the pre-glued pinch bag at speeds up to 75 linear feet per minute. A patented break-away feature means this machine is quick and easy to maintain for added efficiencies.

If you have an interest in a PILS closure, send us a few sample bags and product, and we can work out the best solution for your application and your bag.

PILS Closures Explained

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