FISCHEIN Brand Product Updates

nVenia Equipment Brands: Fischbein

nVenia’s Fischbein brand equipment provides reliable open-mouth bag sewing and sealing systems. Our machines sew and seal various bag materials containing products from industries including food, medical, and chemical applications.

Bag Sealing for Milk Powders: When Product Quality Hinges on Seal Integrity

When it comes to packaging powdered dairy products, the integrity of the bag seal is vital to ensure quality, safety, and shelf life. Milk powders are extremely prone to oxidation, owing to their hygroscopicity and fat content; therefore, it’s critical that milk powders be packaged and sealed to prevent contact...

Looking For an ecommerce Packaging Solution? 

One of the challenges of ecommerce packaging is to create packaging that is both durable, and enhances the consumer experience. The “bag-in-a-box” integrated line from nVenia features equipment from the ARPAC, FISCHBEIN and HAMER Brands, and delivers a multi-format packaging solution.  The line provides right-size packaging that helps lower return rates by...

Two Needle Sewing for Sift-Proof Flour Milling

For sift-proof flour milling bagging, the nVenia FISCHBEIN Model 100-2 Two Needle Plain Sew Head produces two perfect, parallel stitch lines that create a secure, sift-resistant bag closure. The Model 100-2 is perfect for closing every type of open mouth bag including multi-wall paper, woven, laminated woven polypropylene, and jute....

Sewing Automation for High Production Packaging Lines

When it comes to sewing automation for high production packaging lines, our FISCHBEIN Brand 501 series sewing system is the automation answer. Unmatched in speed and performance, the new sewing systems are the perfect sewing solution for high-speed automated bagging. Here are just a few of its sewing automation benefits:...

The Industry Workhorse in PBOM Bag Closers

When it comes to Pinch Bottom Open Mouth Bag Closers (PBOM Bag Closers), the nVenia FISCHBEIN Brand PBC 6000 is the industry workhorse. The PBC 6000 is designed to close a large range of pre-glued paper bags, multi-layered “pinch” style bags, rapidly and efficiently. The watertight closure obtained with the...

Delivering Continuous High-Efficiency Band Sealing

The nVenia FISCHBEIN Brand SB3000 Band Heat Sealer is part of a successful line of continuous high-efficiency band sealing systems designed to deliver quality results. The SB 3000 features a high-efficiency band-sealing module and enhanced cooling capabilities that ensure perfect seals on bags or pouches made from polyethylene, polylaminates, co-extrusions,...

Flour Producer Modernizes Milling Operations with FISCHBEIN Brand Equipment

Mexico’s leading producer of flour products recently modernized their plants by converting their milling operations to using nVenia’s FISCHBEIN Brand Model 100-2 Two Needle Sew Head. Backed by more than a century of craftsmanship, the Model 100-2 plain sew head produces two perfect, parallel, offset stitch lines that create an...

The nVenia FISCHBEIN Model 400 NS continues to lead sewing innovation for the Seed Bagging Industry

nVenia’s FISCHBEIN Brand is the industry leader in quality bag sew systems for the seed bagging industry. Our 400 NS sew system, designed for both manual and automatic systems, is a consistent top performer in seed bagging plants because of the speed, options and innovation that the machine offers.   The Model 400...

New Dura Thread Clipper: An Innovative Retrofit for Industrial Bag Top Sewing Applications

To add an additional feature to our industry-leading industrial bag sewing systems, nVenia’s FISCHBEIN Brand now offers the Dura Thread Clipper, an innovative thread cutting device for bag top sewing applications that can be retrofitted onto any 400 series Fischbein Plain Sew System. The key advantage of the new clipper...