nVenia Product News and Spotlights

nVenia Equipment Brands: Fischbein

nVenia’s Fischbein brand equipment provides reliable open-mouth bag sewing and sealing systems. Our machines sew and seal various bag materials containing products from industries including food, medical, and chemical applications.

Breaking Down nVenia’s Equipment Brands

Combining the Duravant brands Arpac, Hamer, Fischbein, and Ohlson, nVenia provides packaging and equipment solutions for many industries.

Two Years Later: The Lasting Impacts of COVID-19 on Consumers’ Eating Habits

In early 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic made an immediate and dramatic impact on nearly every industry worldwide. While some changes have proven to be more temporary, other shifts that took place during the pandemic may have turned into permanent changes the industry continues to address.  In the height of...

Controlled Ingredient Mixing with Multi-Part Multi-Head Weighers

For food manufacturers everywhere, ingredient costs have skyrocketed. Whether it’s almonds, dried fruit, or other high-value ingredients, that puts an increasing focus on controlling the product mix in each bag for cereals, granolas, and trail mixes. Some companies choose to pre-mix their ingredients and rely on that distribution as the...

So You Are Thinking About Shrink Wrapping Your Products

By Dave Campbell, Director of Engineering Applications  Are you thinking about shrink wrapping your products for shipping? You might be asking yourself the following questions: Do I need a pad to support them? Do I need to put them in trays? Which process is more versatile? Can I get the...

Meet Our ARPAC Brand Case & Tray Packers

nVenia’s ARPAC Brand case and tray packers are built tough to withstand your demanding production environment. Made of heavy-duty, welded steel construction with durable powder coat finishes and designed for round-the-clock operation, nothing outperforms an ARPAC Brand machine. With several standard models to choose from and the ability to customize...

Cut Pallet Wrapping Film Usage with a Stretch Wrapping Machine

As with nearly every other consumable, the costs of stretch film for pallet wrapping have increased significantly in recent months – creating even greater justification for manufacturers to add automated stretch wrapping machines to their facilities. In many facilities, hand-wrapping of pallets is the standard. Operators simply take a roll...

nVenia’s HAMER Brand Launches New Robotic Valve Bag Placer

nVenia, designers and manufacturers of highly engineered packaging equipment, and a member of the Duravant family of operating companies, recently launched their new HAMER Brand robotic valve bag placer solution during Pack Expo Connects.  The placement of valve bags onto valve bag filler spouts is a highly repetitive, labor-intensive task. In many...

Robotic Bag Palletizers: How Does Your Pet Food Line Stack Up?

nVenia’s robotic bag palletizers offer low maintenance and high productivity, and are a full-featured alternative to conventional bag palletizing systems. Proprietary software makes the equipment easy to run for all operators, regardless of their experience or skill level. Additional advantages: Smaller footprint Reduced risk of operator injury Ease of operation...

Bag Sealing for Milk Powders: When Product Quality Hinges on Seal Integrity

When it comes to packaging powdered dairy products, the integrity of the bag seal is vital to ensure quality, safety, and shelf life. Milk powders are extremely prone to oxidation, owing to their hygroscopicity and fat content; therefore, it’s critical that milk powders be packaged and sealed to prevent contact...

Looking For an ecommerce Packaging Solution? 

One of the challenges of ecommerce packaging is to create packaging that is both durable, and enhances the consumer experience. The “bag-in-a-box” integrated line from nVenia features equipment from the ARPAC, FISCHBEIN and HAMER Brands, and delivers a multi-format packaging solution.  The line provides right-size packaging that helps lower return rates by...

How Does a Multi-Head Weigher Work?

Multi-head weighers (also known as combination scales) are the equipment standard for weighing applications in a variety of industries. But for people who are evaluating their first packaging automation project, or even starting with a semi-automatic packaging system, the concept is something which might benefit from some explanation. At a basic...