nVenia Equipment Brands: OHLSON


Since 1967, OHLSON Packaging has manufactured quality automatic and semi-automatic weighing, counting, and filling machines. As part of the nVenia family, OHLSON Brand equipment serves customers in various industries, including frozen food, hardware, pharmaceuticals, confectionary, and snack foods. The machines are built for 24/7 operation and designed to automate repetitive, labor-intensive processes. The equipment efficiently packages products into bags, bottles, pre-made pouches, cups, clam-shell containers, and more. The following guide gives an overview of the machines and features customers can expect from nVenia’s OHLSON Brand. 


nVenia’s OHLSON Brand weighers, counters, and fillers efficiently automate repetitive and labor-intensive processes. They weigh, count, and fill products from various industries, including snack food, confectionary products, baking, medical, hardware, and pet food.

  • Combination Weighers & Counters - OHLSON Brand stainless-steel weighers and counters rank among industry leaders in performance and reliability. They can complete various high-accuracy and high-speed applications, reaching speeds of more than 200 cycles per minute. The weighers and counters can package products of virtually any weight or shape from the food, baking, cosmetics, hardware, medical, pet food, and household product industries.

  • Linear Weigher Systems - Available in stainless or painted steel, our Linear Weigher Systems are ideal for automating highly repetitive and labor-intensive processes. The customizable systems range from single-lane to eight-lane models. Customers can start with one lane and add additional capacity as production increases. Each lane typically does the work of four to five hand-packers.


Vertical Form Fill Seal Baggers

nVenia’s OHLSON Brand vertical bagging systems are typically utilized in the food packaging industry. The machines deliver perfect pillow bags every time for food and other applications. These automatic packaging units feature color touchscreen displays, auto film detection, dual servo control, and more. nVenia offers a variety of OHLSON VFFS machines for various industries. We will help you identify the best packaging system for your industry needs.

Pre-Made Pouching

Pre-made pouch machines are increasingly popular as producers transition to flexible packaging for their products. nVenia offers pre-made pouch machines in all shapes and sizes to fit industry-specific production workflow. The machines are designed for various industries, including food and baking.

  • ROFS Pre-Made Pouch Filling Machine - Pouch machines have increased in popularity due to consumers’ heightened focus on individually packaged servings. Our pouch-filling machines focus on simplifying the filling of pre-made pouches. The machines are designed in a rotary configuration to make filling easy and efficient. We recently redesigned our OHLSON Rotary Pouch Bagging Machine to be faster and more robust. The machine maximizes production output for filling pre-made bags and stand-up pouches.

Conveyors & Material Handling

Our various conveyors and material handling machines are designed to meet industry-specific needs. They automate manual tasks, reduce labor costs, and precisely move products and containers through the production line.

  • Gummy Indexing System - nVenia’s OHLSON Brand Gummy Indexing System features distribution pivot chutes, dimpled steel surfaces, spinning cones, and more to help gummy products move quickly through the system without clumping. The system includes single, double, or quad-lane indexing conveyors allowing for high-speed filling of up to 16 containers.

  • Indexing Conveyors - nVenia designs indexing conveying solutions for a variety of rigid container formats, including bottles, jars, trays, and clamshells. The conveyors reduce labor costs through automated processes and precise movement of these containers.

  • Rotary Collection Table - Our rotary tables provide a cost-effective way to manage and unload goods along the production line and are typically used with our OHLSON Brand takeaway conveyors.

  • Bucket Elevator - OHLSON bucket elevators work with weighing and packing machines to move products vertically for additional processing or packaging. The equipment increases the accuracy and efficiency of food product supply and packing systems.

  • Incline Conveyor - OHLSON incline conveyors reduce costs related to the manual transportation of products between weighing and bagging machines. The conveyors are a safe and reliable way to transport products through the production process to their end destination. They are built to last and designed to transport products without cross-contamination.

  • Takeaway Conveyors - nVenia’s OHLSON takeaway conveyors bring product bags from a bagging machine to a rotary table or other end-of-line packaging processes at a working height. The conveyors reduce repetitive back strain for employees from bending down to pick up products from the bagging machines. They are an essential part of making a packaging process run smoothly.

  • Supply Hopper - Supply hoppers allow for the steady delivery of product onto a conveyor, bucket elevator, weigher, or other equipment. They are typically integrated into weighing and filling systems. We have three supply hopper options to meet customers’ needs: A floor-level supply hopper, a pneumatic supply hopper, and a conveyorized hopper. 

Product Inspection

Product inspection is an essential part of adhering to the regulations and standards put in place by the Department of Agriculture Weights and Measurements. nVenia’s OHLSON Brand metal detectors and check weighers ensure the weight and integrity of products to prevent contamination of production and packaging processes.

  • Metal Detector - OHLSON Brand metal detectors help businesses adhere to the Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures regulations by identifying metal in food products. Metal detection machines are highly sensitive to metal contaminants within the food on your supply chain. They prevent the contamination of entire production and packaging processes through their precise identification and rejection of metal contaminants.
  • Check Weighers - Our check weighers integrate into any food automation process to verify the end product is accurate. The machines ensure the precise target weight of a product, detect missing pieces of a kit, count packs, and provide total shipment weights. They can also work with a controller computer to create barcodes and shipping labels.

nVenia’s OHLSON Brand equipment provides cost-effective solutions for weighing, counting, and filling products while automating repetitive, labor-intensive processes. For a complete list of product features, videos, and accessory recommendations, visit our OHLSON Equipment page.