nVenia Equipment Brands: ARPAC


With 45 years of experience, nVenia's ARPAC Brand specializes in delivering integrated fit-for-purpose production lines for secondary and end-of-line packaging needs. Our machines are designed to cater to diverse industries, packaging environments, and production lines. Backed by our expert engineering team with decades of experience, we excel in designing integrated systems to automate packaging processes. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the equipment offered in our ARPAC Brand packaging solutions and delve into the specific capabilities and capabilities of each machine.

Integrated Packaging Systems:

Our engineers select, design, and customize all system components to make them compatible and functional with all upstream and downstream equipment. With over 30,000 machine installations worldwide, we are experts in attending to all the details necessary for a turnkey integration project, including:

  • Materials specification
  • Rigging 
  • Electrical installation 
  • Operation and maintenance training
  • Installation and startup

Shrink Bundling / Multipackers:

Our shrink bundlers and print-registered multipackers are used in a wide variety of industries. Our equipment can be used for product in trays or boxes, on pads, and include the ability for film-only applications, providing the right solution for your needs

  • Tray wrappers - Our ARPAC Brand Tray Wrappers are ideal for wrapping items like cans, jars, floor tiles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and plates. They quickly and efficiently wrap trays, bundles, or packs and can be customized for your application.
  • Shrink bundling multipackers - Designed to precisely place logos, graphics, and advertising messages on bundles, the ARPAC Brand Multipackers create attractive products for consumers. 
  • Shrink bundlers - We have a range of models of ARPAC Brand Shrink Bundlers designed to bundle, wrap, and transfer products for the following industries: dairy and frozen food, home improvement supplies, construction materials, pharmaceutical, health, and beauty. 

Industrial Shrink Wrap Machines:

As a leading manufacturer of high-speed shrink wrappers, our equipment has earned a global reputation for durability, consistently high quality, and innovative engineering.  

  • The XR Model, S Model, and AL Model Shrink Wrappers are high-performance wrappers designed to increase productivity, require less maintenance, and eliminate time and energy waste.
  • Our TS37 Model is ideal for wrapping multi-packs and irregularly shaped products. Designed for maximum versatility, the TS37 is a great solution for high-changeover manufacturing lines.
  • The L-Bar Models are designed to be easy to operate with quick film changeover and an intuitive interface. These models have a simple and functional design that contributes to maximum uptime.

Shrink Tunnels: 

Our ARPAC Brand Shrink Tunnels come in multiple standard and customizable models that can be tailored to any shrink wrap system requirements. 

  • XT Model - The XT model gives the operator maximum awareness of the shrink process with its multiple-viewing window design. Additionally, with almost unlimited air and baffle control, this model gives the highest quality shrink in the industry.
  • VT Model - The VT Model provides a cost-effective solution for consistency in shrink. 
  • ECO Model - The ECO Model is a shrink tunnel designed around directed air flow for pristine product shrink aesthetics and the ability to save on utility costs. This tunnel provides best-in-class shrink while reducing energy usage.
  • MT Model - The MT Model produces complete, uniform shrink with all available shrink films, including polyethylene, polyolefin, and PVC.
  • TBT Model - The TBT Model is designed to limit distortion in film graphics and shrink excess film to create aesthetic retail packages. 
  • HVP Model - The HVP Model is designed to produce complete and uniform shrink in most high-speed wrapping applications, including pizzas, stationery, greeting cards, and calendars.
  • T Model - The T Model is built for rugged production environments and produces a uniform shrink on various product sizes and configurations.

Case Packers:

As a worldwide leader in manufacturing automatic tray and case packer equipment, our innovative designs, precise engineering, and durable construction make us stand out from any other company in the industry. ARPAC Brand case and tray packing equipment minimizes labor requirements, increases production output, reduces packaging costs, and easily integrates into new or existing packaging lines. 

  • Our PC Models are built for a rugged environment. These wraparound case packers are designed for 24/7 operation to ensure consistent and reliable production. Wraparound case packers reduce labor, increase productivity, and reduce packaging costs. 
  • Our EL Models are designed to serve a wide range of industries and can pack up to twenty-five cases per minute. These models are intermittent motion and operate with a simple, side load feed that minimizes labor requirements and increases production output. 
  • Our DPM Models easily integrate into existing packaging lines. The DPM is extremely compact and can be customized to fit your application. With its unique, positive case closing design, the DPM excels in the dirtiest environments.

Tray Packers:

Our fully automatic tray packers can form and pack corrugated trays with a wide range of sizes and styles of blanks. In addition to the case packers listed above, our other models include the following:

  • BPTS Model Shrink Bundling Multipackerthe BPTS is a combination tray/pad/film wrap machine that eliminates the need to manage multiple pieces of equipment.
  • TrayStar Model Tray Packer - The TrayStar Model is a high-speed, continuous-motion tray packer that quickly and easily loads products, including bottles, cans, cartons, and jars.
  • MTE Model Tray Former - The MTE Model is an intermittent motion glued tray former that can easily integrate with other packaging equipment in various industries.

Automatic Palletizers:

Our ARPAC automatic palletizers are engineered for durability and reliability, and we provide equipment options for conventional palletizers or integrated robotic palletizing systems. Our models are easily integrated into your complete packaging line and eliminate labor-intensive work while handling heavy products and stacking pallets to exact specifications.

  • Robotic Palletizers - The robotic palletizer can accommodate cases, trays, bundles, bags, and more. It is a pre-engineered robotic palletizing cell that automatically stacks and wraps pallets to exact specifications. 
  • Pre-Configured Robotic Palletizers – These robotic palletizers offer consistent and predictable production while improving quality, minimizing rework, and operating 24/7. These models come as pre-engineered cells for cost-effective and ready-made solutions.
  • H1200/1300 Model Conventional Palletizers - Our H1200 and H1300 Models are fully automatic case, tray, bundle, or bag palletizer systems. These models provide the highest speeds in a reliable, modular, and flexible format while easily integrating into your complete packaging line.

Pallet Wrappers:

nVenia’s ARPAC Pallet Wrapping Machines range from light-duty unitizing of small loads to high-throughput wrapping of heavy or irregular products. We have ten different models of pallet wrappers to fit your packaging requirements.

  • Semi-Automatic turntable style pallet wrappers - We have four different models of semi-automatic turntable style pallet wrappers with a wide variety of options and features. High-profile and low-profile options are available for each model, along with a range of capacities for various product sizes and weights. 
  • Rotary tower style pallet wrappers - We have three models of rotary tower style pallet wrappers, including the EWA Model with automatic functions, the semi-automatic EW Model, and the inline conveyorized EWA-C Model. Their heavy-duty structures are designed for long life and stability.
  • Automatic turntable style - Our ARPAC Brand Power Model is designed for remote operation by a fork driver. The machine has automatic functions for attaching, cutting, and securing the film to the load. The Power Model is designed for long life and stability.
  • Conveyorized pallet wrappers - Our two ARPAC Brand conveyorized pallet wrappers are ideal for high-speed conveyorized production lines. These machines help to integrate pallet wrapping into your packaging process. 

nVenia’s ARPAC brand equipment fulfills packaging requirements, automates repetitive tasks, and easily integrates into production lines for various industries. For a full list of the features and capabilities of each machine, please visit our ARPAC Equipment page.