Arpac Brand MTE Model

The MTE Model  automatically erects trays using a hot melt glue system at speeds up to 25 trays per minute. This system is ruggedly built and compact in size with simple tool-less adjustments between tray sizes. The MTE Model is used in a variety of industries and can be easily integrated with other packaging equipment.

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  • Heavy-duty rugged construction designed for high durability and 24/7 operation
  • Nordson ProBlue® hot melt glue system
  • Easy load and adjust 150 capacity blank hopper
  • Positive blank control with Venturi vacuum pull-down system
  • Quick tray punch changeover
  • Tool-less changeovers with scales for setup repeatability
  • Clear Lexan guard doors with interlocking safety system for operator protection and easy access


  • Power magazine with additional tray blank capacity
  • Inclined conveyor for tray discharge


  • B flute Kraft corrugation
  • Burst strength: 150 or 200 lb. per square inch
  • Balanced outside and inside liners to avert warped blanks
  • Minimum combined weight facings: 98 lb. per square inch

Product Range

  • Minimum Product Size: 7W x 5L x 1½H inch **
  • Maximum Product Size: 30W x 20L x 6H inch
  • Maximum Blank Size: 34 inches Blank Length x 42 inches Blank Width
  • Tray Erecting Speed: Up to 25 trays per minute

Standard Specs


Up to 25 trays per minute

Electrical Power Requirements

230VAC, 3Ph, 27A, 60Hz, 11kW
Other voltages available on request

Compressed Air Requirements

80 psi, 1.25 cubic feet per cycle

Width (across machine)

7” – 30”

Length (flow direction)

5” – 20”

Height Range

1.5” – 6”