Arpac Brand PC-3500/4500 Model

The PC model can pack up to 45 cases or trays per minute. This model uses up to 20% less corrugated material as compared to top load regular slotted cases (RSCs) resulting in significant an­nual material savings. This rugged machine reduces labor, increases productivity, reduces packaging costs and integrates easily into new or existing packaging lines.

The PC works well with metal cans, paper cans, glass jars, glass bottles, plastic jars and plastic bottles. The system collates the product, loads the product into corrugated cases or trays, and closes them with hot-melt glue.

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  • 6-axis servo driven system
  • Compact design utilizes minimum floor space
  • Encoder feedback for tight control
  • Product infeed table utilizes a progressive separation system for smooth performance
  • Dynamic top pressure device for rear containment
  • Nordson ProBlue Hot Melt System


  • Dynamic, continuous motion servo lane divider
  • Tray kit allows for dedicated glue guns on top and bottom of compression
  • Automatic partition inserter
  • Infeed product collations
  • Complete automatic changeover


  • B flute Kraft corrugation
  • Burst strength: 150 or 200 lb per square inch
  • Balanced outside and inside liners to avert warped blanks
  • Minimum combined weight facings: 98 lb per square inch

Product Range

  • Minimum product size: 7 1/4W x 4 3/4L x 4H inches
  • Maximum product size: 17 3/4W x 15L x 14H inches
  • Tray wall height: 1 1/2 – 8.5 inches
  • Minimum blank size: 10 3/4BW x 25 1/2BL inches
  • Maximum blank size: 27 1/2BW x 53 3/4BL inches
  • Maximum speed: Up to 45 packages per minute

Standard Specs


Up to 45 packages per minute

Electrical Power Requirements

240V or 480V, 3 phase, 60 Hz

Compressed Air Requirements

20 SCFM @ 80 psi