OHLSON Brand Packaging Equipment For Chocolate


Since 1967, OHLSON Packaging has manufactured quality automatic and semi-automatic weighing, counting, and filling machines. As part of the nVenia family, OHLSON Brand equipment serves customers in various industries, including confectionery companies. The machines provide the ideal, cost-effective solution for weighing and filling your products into containers. The following guide describes how OHLSON packaging equipment provides an accurate and efficient weighing and filling system for chocolates.

When processing chocolates, it is important to use machines programmed to handle delicate products. The indulgent treats are a favorite among consumers, meaning manufacturers must have enough supply to meet the demand. As manufacturers work to produce mass batches of chocolates, they must ensure their equipment and production process maintain the product’s quality. nVenia’s OHLSON Brand packaging equipment allows companies to process and package mass batches of chocolates while preserving their flavor, shape, and quality. 

OHLSON Packaging Equipment For Chocolates

Our equipment increases the accuracy and efficiency of food product supply and packing systems. The chocolates are dispensed into an OHLSON Brand bucket elevator and carried to the combination weigher. Bucket elevators work with weighing and packing machines to move products vertically for additional processing or packaging. 

As they move through the production line, the chocolates are intermittently released from the combination weigher into containers. OHLSON Brand stainless steel weighers and counters weigh products and fill containers with speeds reaching more than 200 cycles per minute and accuracy to a fraction of a gram. They rank among industry leaders in performance and reliability and can package products of virtually any weight or shape. The chocolates will be weighed to recipe-driven specifications and dropped into our Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagging Machine, Pre-Made Pouching Systems, and various rigid container fillers.

Next, the chocolates are packaged and sealed by one of the following machines:

  • OHLSON Brand vertical form, fill, and seal bagging machine delivers perfect pillow bags every time for confectionary applications. These automatic packaging units feature color touchscreen displays, auto film detection, dual servo control, and more. 
  • Pre-made pouch machines are gaining popularity, given consumers' continued focus on individually packaged servings. Our new OHLSON Brand Rotary Premade Pouch Filling Machine maximizes production output for filling pre-made bags or stand-up pouches.
  • nVenia’s OHLSON Brand indexing conveyors integrate into our customer’s specific production line needs. These systems allow for the precision movement of bottles, jars, clamshell containers, trays, or boxes in combination with fillers, flow wrappers, and other aspects of the packaging process.

Once the chocolates are packaged and sealed, an OHLSON Brand takeaway conveyor transports the individual bags from the bagging machine to the rotary collection table. The conveyor reduces repetitive back strain for employees from bending down to pick up products from the bagging equipment. They are an essential part of making a packaging process run smoothly.

Finally, the chocolates are collected on an OHLSON Brand rotary table or sent to automated case packing, bundling, palletizing, and stretch wrapping by our ARPAC Brand end-of-line solutions. The rotary table provides a cost-effective way to manage and unload goods along the production line while our end-of-line equipment leverages nVenia’s OEM integration services.

nVenia’s OHLSON Brand equipment provides cost-effective solutions for weighing, counting, and filling products while automating repetitive, labor-intensive processes. You can watch the process of our weighing and filling system for chocolates here. For a complete list of product features, videos, and accessory recommendations, visit our OHLSON Equipment page.

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