Sewing Automation for High Production Packaging Lines


When it comes to sewing automation for high production packaging lines, our FISCHBEIN Brand 501 series sewing system is the automation answer. Unmatched in speed and performance, the new sewing systems are the perfect sewing solution for high-speed automated bagging.

Stand Alone HMI for Sewing

Here are just a few of its sewing automation benefits:

  1. Servo drive to precisely start and stop the head for consistent sewing – eliminates pneumatic clutch/ brake
  2. Direct drive infeeds are precisely synchronized to the servo-driven head
  3. A Stand-alone HMI display for controlling parameters in the system - allowing operator to change settings and speeds without opening the electrical enclosure
  4. New high speed, plain sew or tape sew sewing head. The FISCHBEIN 501 systems for sewing automation are the only industrial sewing systems on the market capable of closing bags at line speeds up to 80+ linear feet per minute.
  5. Dura Thread Clipper for trouble-free tape clipping. The Dura Thread Clipper’s innovative scissor blade design captures thread within the cutting arc, eliminating missed cuts between bags. Robust, long-life cutting blades are easily accessible, minimizing downtime and maintenance.
  6. Wheel thread break sensing that consistently provides feedback for all speed ranges
  7. Heavy duty frame to minimize vibration
  8. Electrical box is located at the bottom of the pedestal to attenuate vibration
  9. Infeed uses new folder adjustment setup that can provide incremental adjustments to folder position
  10. Updated high-speed tape box that works for a wider range of crepe tape widths. This versatile tape box can accommodate different tape widths. Its cleaner, more simplified, construction eliminates tape jams inside the roller.

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