Using the SB 3000 Band Sealer for Resealable Flexible Food Packaging


One factor driving packaging trends is resealable bag closures. Resealable packaging is increasing in demand among consumers who value freshness and convenience. This trend is particularly prevalent in the fresh produce, snack food, and pet food industries. The demand is, in turn, driving more brands and companies across these sectors to respond with resealable packaging features like zipper and slider seals.

With the SB 3000 band sealer, nVenia offers customers the ability to comply with these demands and incorporate resealable bag closures into their product portfolio.

The SB 3000 is an advanced band sealer used for closing plastic bags and pouches, including those with zipper seals. A high efficiency band-sealing module and enhanced cooling capabilities produce reliable, esthetic seals on flat or gusseted bags or pouches made from polyethylene, polylaminates, co-extrusions and shrink films. With its sleek, durable stainless-steel finish, the SB 3000 is compatible with the hygienic requirements of consumer products.

The SB 3000’s open modular design simplifies maintenance and reduces costly downtime in the packaging operation. The system’s user-friendly controls include a variable speed drive (VFD), and an electric variable-height pedestal allows the operator to make fast, efficient product changeovers. A cool-down mode ensures a safe, automatic shutdown of the unit.

The SB3000 is easily incorporated into an existing bagging line or can be used as a freestanding unit.