Automated Bagging Solutions for Grilling Pellets


Getting your products ready for shipping can be a labor-intensive and costly part of production, which is why many businesses have been looking for more effective methods of bagging. Wood pellet products such as grilling pellets and pellet fuels can be tricky to bag due to their size, and the need to keep the products dry. One way to simplify the bagging process is to invest in automated wood pellet bagging equipment.

In the past, grilling pellet manufacturers had to rely on some form of manual input in the bagging process. This typically involved an operator putting a bag underneath the machine and then sealing it once it had reached a target weight. This approach works well when time is not of the essence. During peak times — or when businesses are looking at ways to save money — automated packaging solutions offer an excellent alternative.

nVenia's HAMER and FISCHBEIN brands are the embodiment of our continued commitment to innovation, which has seen massive strides in bagging speeds over the years. For example, our HAMER Model 2090 Automated Form, Fill and Seal machine can reach bagging rates of more than 30 per minute (bag type and product dependent). This all-in-one solution enables businesses to lower production costs, as it is significantly less labor-intensive and requires less maintenance.

All you need to do is load the bags and wood pellets into the equipment, and the machine will take care of the rest. The MaxFill chute and jaw design are designed to quickly fill bags to your desired weight. This, combined with the latest electronics and bagging technology, ensures that you can bag your wood pellets quickly and efficiently every time. And each machine can be configured to meet your specific requirements.

For businesses that have space restrictions, robotic bag palletizers are an excellent option. Not only do they have a smaller footprint than conventional palletizers, but they can also be easily configured to deliver higher bagging rates.

Under the HAMER and FISCHBEIN brands, nVenia provides industry-leading wood pellet bagging equipment for businesses of all shapes and sizes. With the latest cutting-edge technology, our automated bagging equipment can help you streamline your production line and improve its overall efficiency.

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