How to Calibrate a Bucket on Your Multi-Head Weigher


Please view this video walkthrough to see how to calibrate a scale on your nVenia OHLSON Brand Multi-Head Weigher.

*Note – As software packages are updated, it is possible some screens may look different on your screen.

  • If you notice a potential issue with calibration, empty out the scale and check the zero weights of all the buckets.
  • To find the bucket which needs calibration, got to Manual Operation, hit Wb Zero, and then select the buckets one at a time. In this case, bucket 2 needs calibration.
  • Go back to the main screen and select Calibration. You will be prompted for your password.
  • Enter the bucket you wish to calibrate and hit Enter.
  • Zero should be highlighted. Double check to make sure the bucket is empty and hit Enter to zero the bucket. Full should now be highlighted.
  • Take your 100g test weight and place it in the weigh bucket.
  • On the display screen, hit Enter to calibrate. The weight should match your 100g test weight.
  • Now, remove the weight and hit Return to exit the Calibration Menu.
  • If you want to double-check your calibration, go back to the manual operations menu, hit WB Zero, and select the bucket you just calibrated.
  • It should now read zero.