It’s Ice Melt Bagging Season: Reduce Operational Costs With nVenia


The nVenia team knows salt bagging operations - and our equipment stands up to the rigors of this challenging, corrosive product.

Our HAMER Brand product line delivers more bags per minute, on easy-to-run machines, with tried and tested automation to eliminate the operator standing by the machine. We specialize in durable equipment that makes salt/ice melt bagging easy in the areas of bag filling/dosing, automated bagging and palletizing.

Stainless steel gravity fed scales from our 600NW Net Weigh product line effectively dose and fill salt, ice melt, or calcium chloride, minimizing product giveaway. The 100GW Gross Weigh scale is the perfect solution for a manual system set up when combined with a Model 4000 Upright Bag Conveyor, as well as a high-performance FISCHBEIN Brand poly bag top sealer such, as the HAS 300 hot air sealer.

The Model 3100 bagging machine delivers cost effective form, fill and seal automation with polyethylene film bags. Specifically to reduce corrosion from salt products, we offer packages that include: NEMA 4X control panels and junction boxes, and 304 stainless steel hardware, machine adjustments, lift chains, as well as stainless product contact points. Bag trimming and custom bag handle options, for added customer convenience, are also available. The Model 3100 is fast, producing up to 30 BPM, and is constructed with fewer wear parts, which means less servicing and downtime.

Many nVenia customers are reaping the largest cost benefits from integrating our HAMER Robotic Palletizing solutions in their salt/ice melt packaging plants. These benefits include:

  • increase in bag stacking productivity
  • reduced labor cost and workers comp claims
  • easy-to-manage solution that any plant operator can run

Now is the time to reduce costs, maximize your production output, and secure machines that will keep running after millions of bags. Make nVenia equipment and our top-notch customer service a partner in your plant and we will bring you results.