Speed Up Film Changes for Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal Systems


In automated packaging, reducing downtime on changeovers is one of the core ways for manufacturing companies to increase their productivity and throughput. For that reason, the nVenia team offers a variety of field upgrades and retrofits for existing equipment.

Specifically tied to nVenia’s HAMER Brand horizontal form, fill and seal machines, one of the most convenient upgrades is a pneumatic film roll lift.

This roll lift automatically picks up full rolls from group position, eliminating the need for a fork truck or hoist loading of full rolls. The horizontal roll stand can be used with either the Model 2090 or Model 3100 form, fill and seal machines.

Roll changes are fast! Simply insert the core holder into the roll and roll into place. Then, with a push of a button, the fill roll is lifted into place, ready for threading into the form, fill and seal machine. Less change over time means higher production rates per hour, and no fork trucks or hoist lifting rolls improves plant safety.

For additional bag or design adjustments, the 2090 can also be fitted with a printer system, gusset former or retrofitted to deliver a mitered corner seal, which facilitates palletizing and handling.

The 2090 system also comes with an optional field retrofit for a bag tamper settling station. This device is in the staged bag area (after the bag is filled) and impacts the bag top by tamping down clumps of material to ensure clean transfer through the bag top sealer. As all mulch and soil manufacturers know, their products don’t always fall into a bag “just right.”

The Model 2090 FFS bag tamper reduces bag jam potential, keeping productivity high. Operators will then have more time to manage the line instead of watching the flow of the bagging operation.

Above all, when evaluating updates and options to existing equipment, it’s important to consider what options are needed long-term. In many cases, different upgrades and retrofit packages are designed to fit into similar areas of the machine, so choosing one option may preclude the addition of others.

If you’re looking to retrofit your existing 2090 machine, please reach out to our team to discuss the options you’re looking for and we will help guide you through the process.