Top 3 Reasons to Shrink Wrap Your Food


Now more than ever, the benefits of ensuring food is packaged cleanly and efficiently are top of mind. While food safety has always been a high priority, limiting any damage or contamination from the outside world is going to be a new focus in the post COVID-19 society. Ensuring food safety for individually packaged food items is important for a few reasons.

1. Protects Product During Travel

With shrink wrapped product there is far less concern regarding potential contamination during transit. Once product is wrapped at the production facility, the product can remain in that pristine state all the way to the consumer.

This process isn’t just for packaged goods, but even shrink wrapped broccoli, potatoes, or other produce items are growing pieces of the market.

2. Packaging Keeps Out External Contaminants

Products on store shelves can be picked up and moved by consumers that do not end up purchasing them, leading to potential bacterial contamination or other issues. Food wrapping can ensure that any contaminants from those people remain on the packaging, and not on the food product itself.

3. Extends Product Shelf Life

Not only do shrink wrapped foods have a longer shelf life at the point of retail but protected foods can also last longer in the home before consumption. When product is not exposed to the air, less oxygenation occurs over time, leading to fresher and longer-lasting food products, and in the end, creating happier customers.

By Sam Sadler – Product Manager