Preventative Maintenance & Audits

More Throughput, Less Downtime, Extended Machine Life

Our certified technicians will analyze the performance of your machines, identifying technical and procedural problem areas that will help you improve your processes, and extend the life of your machine, restoring it to like new condition.  Start with an Audit to get your machine up to speed and keep it that way with a Preventative Maintenance Program.

Audit Visit Includes:

  • Review the current state with maintenance & operations staff
  • Provide a comprehensive productivity audit on:
    • changeover times
    • actual vs. desired throughput
    • training needs
  • Thoroughly inspect machine condition & recent maintenance to identify:
    • safety issues
    • worn & damaged components
    • potential upgrades
  • Invite your maintenance team to join the process
  • Provide a comprehensive report of findings, with recommendations on:
    • maintenance
    • a defined parts list with part numbers and discounted pricing
    • upgrades
    • support for lean processes

Our optimization proposals will support you in lowering your overall costs while increasing the efficiency of your machines.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Programs can help extend the life of your machine and maximize machine productivity. Programs are tailored to individual customer’s needs.

Preventative Maintenance Programs include:

  • Productivity audit to identify every opportunity for improvement
  • Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance visits (quarterly, biannual, or annual options)
  • Operator Training to optimize performance

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