nVenia – A Better Way

At nVenia, our focus is delivering next-level packaging equipment, integration and innovation to our customers through our long-standing product brands — ARPAC, FISCHBEIN, HAMER and OHLSON.

Quite simply, help our customers find a better way to weigh, fill, bag, wrap, palletize, or automate their entire process.

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A Better Way to Bag

With decades of experience in open mouth and form, fill & seal and bagging applications, the nVenia team simply delivers a better way to bag.

Our industry-leading 2090 Form, Fill & Seal Bagging Machine is the most capable and flexible industrial Form, Fill & Seal packaging system available. Extensive customer-focused design actions have improved machine uptime and reduced annual maintenance costs by almost sixty percent.

Its high speed, straightforward operation and simple maintenance make the Hamer Model 2090 the industry’s first choice for reliable bagging automation.

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A Better Way to Palletize

nVenia can provide a completely custom-built, fit-for-purpose palletizing solution, specific for your operation, based on the 50+ years of experience and know-how, spanning end markets from industrial products like mulch and seed to CPG products like water, lettuce, gummy nutraceuticals and more.

Whether you are looking for a conventional palletizer or integrated robotic palletizing systems, our equipment options are engineered for durability and reliability.

A Better Way to Automate

When you combine industry-leading bagging and palletizing experience, the end result is an nVenia team which delivers some of the most efficient and reliable fully automated packaging lines available.

We go far beyond basic palletizing and other end-of-line processes — with our consultative approach, integration projects can range from a few strategically matched machines to complex systems incorporating equipment from multiple OEM sources. Our goal is to deliver optimum packaging system efficiency and performance with custom-engineered, fully integrated solutions that work and provide a true value-add.