100GW Gross Weigh Bagging Scale with Center Grip Adds Versatility to Bagging Applications


The popularity of the 100GW Gross Weigh bagging scale from nVenia’s HAMER Brand is now enhanced by the Center Grip option for this reliable bagging scale.

The original clamshell style spout is best suited for bagging smaller granular products such as seed and feed in larger bags with a minimum opening width of 12”. The Center Grip expands application usage to larger particle sized, free flowing products such as nuts, bird seed, feed, wood pellets, ½” crushed rock, pea gravel and others.

It also supports various spout size options as well as a wider range of bag sizes, including smaller bag widths from 9” all the way up to 25”. Its suspension holding strength is sufficient for all bag construction types and weights ranging from 10 to 100 lbs. (5 to 50 kg).

 The 100GW is built to last, constructed of mild steel or optional 304 stainless for corrosive products. Other unique features include:

With a fill rate of up to 16 bags per minute, this small, compact gross weigh bagging scale forms the core of a manual or semi-automatic bagging operation. Its reliability, durability and high accuracy fill will assuredly raise profitability for your business.