24 Bags Per Minute – Fully Automatic Palletizing System for Bagged Salt


A recently installed nVenia HAMER Brand fully automatic palletizing system for bagged salt has been exceeding expectations at the New York-based packaging operation of a multi-facility corporation producing salt and mineral products.

Our customer was seeking full palletizing automation and had a goal of 24 bags per minute. When faced with the challenge of consistently meeting the bag per minute requirement, our engineers set out to design a system with full automation.

The robotic palletizer arm and controls are built by Yaskawa/Motoman, a leading global manufacturer of robotics. This MPL 160 robotic arm is designed to be a palletizing “workhorse;” providing good bag per minute rates and a nice, solid pallet stack. Hamer’s proprietary software system allows for simple operator interaction and the ability to easily format different pallet configurations based on bag size or product.

In addition to a fully automated conveyor system, the HAMER Brand team incorporated components to provide automatic dispensing of pallets and slip sheets prior to the pallets entering the robot stacking cell. This Pallet Dispenser handles any grade of pallet and eliminates jamming and lift failures inherent with other manufacturers’ pallet dispensers. Consistent and accurate slip sheet placement is guaranteed by the HAMER Brand’s recently re-launched Slip Sheet Dispenser. This fully automatic salt palletizing system outputs 24 bags a minute, or 36 tons of salt in 50 lb. bag units every hour.

Our team knows bagging and palletizing for the salt industry. From corrosive protective options on net weigh scales and form, fill & seal machines; to anti-corrosive paints and “robo-suits” to protect the robot arm, these options will help to guarantee a long-life and top production efficiency in an operation packaging salts, ice melt, and other corrosive minerals.